Josh Ford

The Facts:

Age: 25

Height: 6'

Body type: Wirey but filling out

Dance Style: Caucasian

Pets: Not for now

Education: Baton Rouge High School

The Fluff:
I started my first business, Giraphic Prints, at age 17. Now in it's 7th year, Giraphic Prints has flourished into one of the most successful screen-printing shops in south Louisiana employing 11 talented individuals who work hard, provide fantastic customer service, and enjoy kicking ass in general.

(I co-founded a few food trucks too)

In 2011, I joined e-commerce startup College District as co-founder and COO. This has been the most exciting journey a young entrepreneur could wish for. Several bumps, bruises, would-be knock punches later, and we are still standing (& flourishing I might add).

The Goal:

Build wealth for myself and community by connecting people, and making incredible things happen.