josh INGE

"To take a mundane space which is needed for its functional purpose and make it a space which is intriguing and exciting is the joy of design. Communicating exuberance and shaping environments is what makes design desirable."- J.I.

Working in many phases of the construction process over the last decade has lent to Josh's understanding of the communication and empathy necessary to get a team to work together and bring forth a product that could only be the result of a unified effort. The regular reciprocation between design academia and construction work over the last several years has created a homogenous understanding of the pipeline flow of a project from concept to construction.

He received both his B.S. as well as Masters in Architecture from The University of Texas at Arlington. He is also the recipient of the AIA Henry Adam's Certificate of Merit for graduating second in his class of 2012.

When not indulging in designing and constructing, Josh balances his time between guitar playing, weightlifting, any physical sport, church and spending time with family and friends.