Josh Jambon

Golden Meadow, LA

My name is Josh Jambon. I service as head of an offshore vessel transportation company called Jambon Marine Service.

A bit about my education... I attended college at Nicholls State University (a university that's named after a former governor of Louisiana) in Thibodaux, Louisiana where I obtained a degree in Business Management.

After college, I decided to start my own business and so I opened Super-Valu Marine Supply to help in assistance of offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico. A few years later, during my time in the Gulf of Mexico, I began to recognize the increasing demand for offshore supply vessels within the coast and so I decided to start my second business Jambon Boat Rentals (which is currently known as Jambon Marine Service).

I have dedicated over the last 25 years to servicing the oil and gas industry. Once I started to become known as an industry leader on the domestic front, I then decided to expand my business internationally. In 1998, I took on the challenge to extend my services to Mexico and South America.

Just recently, I extended further by setting up a second office in Ghana where our company not only offers its services, but also employs and trains native people on its equipment!

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