Joshua Saliba

I am uniquely different then others in that everything I do, I view through the lens of ministry. After getting my bachelor in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida, I began to pursue my Masters in Theology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

My goal is simple: to communicate clearly, in a creative way, that will help you both understand and remember the message at hand. To do that effectively, I must first understand the message, and second, be able to teach that message before being creative with it. Ultimately, my heart is to serve ministries with the gifts that God has given me. I strive for excellence in every aspect of what I do because I believe that’s what God expects. As a Christian, we have been given the privilege to share the most important message that the world will ever hear. As a Christian, I believe that we have an obligation to present it clearly and in a way that reflects the creative nature and passion of the God we serve.

In Him,

Josh Saliba

P: 813.309.4072