Josh Storey

Astronaut, Superman, and Writer. Since I'm no good at math and (as far as my parents will admit) not from Krypton, I'm going with option three.

My first published work, "Seek Him i'th'Other Place Yourself," appears in Shimmer Issue 12. It's a reexamination of the Orpheus myth, told across three different timelines from three different points of view. Literally. First, second, and third.

My other stories have been rejected (with actual editor comments! (we burgeoning authors take our small victories when we can get them (we also make sure to nest our parenthetical comments correctly))) from a wide variety of quality publications. Sooner or later, I'm bound to find my niche.

Currently knee-deep in my first novel, I am a reformed pantser. Occasionally I blather about writing, comic books, and other geekery on any of the soc. nets listed below.

But how do you eat?

Excellent question, astute reader. After graduate school, I found my way into arts management via a short detour through the glamorous world of late-night television captioning. Currently, I work for the University of Pittsburgh, marketing shows for the Department of Theatre Arts. I also do a little freelance graphic design on the side at rates even non-profit arts organizations can afford.