Joshua Austin

Rancho Cucamonga

I am a Photographer, Barsita, Youth Leader, Pyrographist. But really those are just titles of things that I do, but they are not who I am. My Identity is that I am a Son of God, I am Chosen, I am Loved, Favored and Victorious.

I love people and love getting to know others, their stories and their passions.

I aspire to open a Coffee House one day, a place for those who are in need of rest and in need of peace can come and find it and get a quality cup of coffee as well. It will be a place where the Love of Christ is lived out and not just talked about. Where others will come to Know Love and be Known by Him. The Hungry will find food, the Lonely will find community and the Broken will be made whole. It is a Coffee House, a Prayer House, a Resource Center, a Community Center, a discipleship community, a place for Counseling, for Runaways, for single moms and dads in need of Day Care, for the Homeless one looking to get off the streets. A place that will send missionaries out into the world,

It is a place of Reconciliation, Restoration and Renewal, it is... The Sanctuary.

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