Joshua Kulynych

Born and raised in Fredericksburg, VA, a moderate sized town that is developing at an incredible rate, he is accustom to change and adaptation. When he moved to southern New Jersey in 2000, he worked as an installer/mechanic for a popular auto parts/service chain. After 3 years of busted knuckles and lack of work coming in he decided to change industries. Hired as a service technician for Verizon Wireless, he began a career in mobile communications. Realizing that he had a knack for sales, Joshua became an associate for Cingular Wireless and proceeded to move to leadership roles and sales management. Seeing how far the mobile industry has come in the last 9 years and realizing the need for small businesses to make a shift in their marketing and advertising strategies, Mr. Kulynych, has shifted as well, providing small business owners with a complete solution to gain an edge and get ahead in the highly competitive race that is today's "Free Enterprise."Make no mistake, the changes we make today will provide an abundance of possibilites tomorrow. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, " Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." Don't let the world change around you. Become a force to change the world!