Joshua Shely

Richland, Washington

My name is Joshua Shely. I am a student at WSU, where i am finishing my Bachelors in Science. I will apply for graduate School where I can study Nutrition and Biochemistry. My Passion is Nutrition and Psychology.

I truly believe that most of our population does not need to be in a gym to stay healthy. I help people develop that emotional connection to living a healthier life. I help build that foundation so that you can have the confidence to continue on your own.

I also train individuals in the gym ranging from basic physique improvements to off-season baseball strength.

The key to any coaching is to listen to the individuals desires and goals, then develop a unique program that allows for personalized steps towards those goals.

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    • Walla Walla High School
    • WSU, Washington
    • Walla Walla Community College