Joshua Steinke

Kalamazoo, Michigan

I am very experienced with CADD design systems both two dimensional and three dimensional design programs. I also have over two years of experience in the design field designing cooling systems for Dimplex Thermal Solutions for various jobs as well as tool design for SPX Contech. I have extensive use in programs including: AutoCadd, Solid Edge, Solid Works, Mechanical Desktop, Inventor, NX, Catia, as well as an introduction into ProE design applications. Also experienced with CAMM and MasterCAMM programs with a level two certification in programming a three dimensional lathe.

Some Oppurtunities of the Engineering world that Im in currently is the availability of oppurtunities there are if you have the qualifications you can find the right job and the need for Design Engineers is growing in my company alone they increased the Designer staff by 50% alone in the last year.

Some threats that are currently present in the work environment in not only Engineering but with any job opportunity out there is a lot of competition. As long as you have the experience, a great personality and the determination you can stick out above all of those competing for the job though.

A few of the strengths that I have are I am very determined to accomplish my goals as best that I can, I love challenges so Im not afraid to try and learn new things, Im not afraid to ask for help if needed or to ask questions. Some of my weaknesses that I have are I can be a little to much of a perfectionist I don't like to put things down until I know that they are my best work, but at the same time I can use that as a strength because it makes me very detail oriented which is very valuable in the engineering world to find any possible faults or problems in a design or a system.

What makes me a great fit for any position is by far my determination, and my people skills. I do everything I can to accomplish any task that is assigned to me I hate to not be able to finish my work even if I need to seek others for assistance. I can fit in very well with any group and I have often been told by fellow students, co-workers, and teachers a like that I am always wonderful to work with I like to get everyone involved and I make sure every opinion is heard.

Words To Describe Me:

Determined, Detailed, Upbeat, Helpful, Positive, and Caring

  • Work
    • Dimplex Thermal Solutions
  • Education
    • Bach. Degree in Engineering Design Technology WMU May 2013
    • Associates Degree in CAD Design Technologies SMC May 2008