Joshua Adams

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Quotes from Joshua Michael Adams:

1 "Trust is a one way street, but at this moment it is broken in two."

2 "In actuality there's one stick with
many branches, I know the stick well however I know the branches are just there."

3 "The gaze is the core to ones soul."

4 "The past is where the days of yesterday lie the life i lived days ago. The future is were I learn to mange in my forever turmoil, for what I know next can at times seem impossible to see. What lay ahead is my life's unrest. Put on Earth for a sole purpose maybe good ,or bad is all that's left to determine."

5 "What you see reflected in a mirror is the perspective of that person looking in it. Either good or bad, but when one looks in the soul of theirselves eye to eye than do you truly understand who you are."

6 "At times feelings can be the most important thing. Having the power to save and protect, or even the power to destroy and kill. Your feelings when you have them, or how you feel, how you use them, is what makes you, you."

7 "As you live, each day will have obstacles in your way and you will be the one to either go the path that lead to righteousness or the path that leads to destruction."
-Curtis Thatch- October 14, 2012.

8 "As you live, you will grow wiser and grow stronger with each day being different from the last."
-Curtis Thatch- October 14, 2012.

9 "You can never forget what has happen to you previously however you can continue life like it never happened avoid the problem and build up the agony, sorrow, and or hatred that has so longed to come out."

10 "Don't let down the dead and make the living proud."
R.I.P. Linda Honesty. May you be remembered
Love Bud 10/21/12

11 "The death of something or someone has an influence either good or bad on society."

12 "People in Hell look up while people on Earth look down."
-Francine Anderson- November 3, 2012.

13 "With every word said there's facts and opinions truth and lies, it's up to you to determine which tongue you side."

14 "When you have your foot down never lift it up for a second ,not even the heel ,because ants can find a way to get under it."
-Rosie Mae Anderson- November 10, 2012.

15 "Life is like a thousand piece puzzle. It's very hard to put together but when you finally put it together it can take forever."
-Francine Anderson- November 10,

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