joshua ryan

i am joshua ryan i love tv and facebook, i have a video gaming habit, im am 11 years old.

ihave recenty started secondary school. i find my education inportants so i can get my dream job. a doctor

i all ready know alot about genectic diseases. i love to do stuff in ict, i feel that its what i was born to do.

meny of my other talents are acting. i can do a good fake death scene "maybe it's a bit to realistic"

i have ALOT of phoias here is a list of them


daddy longlegs


dead computers

i am a bit of a scardy cat.

i love my pets they can be a bit annoying at times but i lovees them i have 3 dogs called ella,phebie and lucy! i have a rabbit "forgot his name" i have 2 cats called gizmo and anne. and a dead hampser named bubbles "rip bubbles :( "