Joshua Ellinger

Austin Texas

I lead Exemplar Technologies, a software company at the Capital Factory in Austin, TX. We help send 1/3 of 1% of all direct mail advertising in the US through our partnership with AT&T. We are about to build a next-generation optimization capability that works on everything from direct mail to mobile.

Previously, I was a core part of the team at Pavilion Technologies that built the Process Perfector, a neural network-based model process controller that runs in over a 1,000 chemical plants around the world. That software will likely outlive me.

My strength is building systems that solve complex problems involving data, analytics, and optimization. Because I can operate on every level of the solution and can work with each stakeholder, I can deliver stuff that actually works in the real world.

I am an EE by training (UT Austin) with signal processing, machine learning, and statistics background. Our stack is C#/.Net/SQL Server but I've done years in C/Unix.

And I have a lovely wife and an awesome son.