Joshua Oksman

Montclair, New Jersey

My name is Joshua Oksman. I am an undergraduate student at Montclair State University who is currently majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations. I am also a Business minor. I am very enthusiastic when it comes to my schoolwork because my success now will lead to great success in the future. I love to work with other people and my work experience and volunteering experience have taught me that working with others is a great and effective way to get large amounts of work done more efficiently and correctly.

I have worked in clothing retail for the past three years to build upon my communication and team building skills. I am also proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. I do non-profit freelance advertising in my free time for famous Seattle drag queen, Robbie Turner. I make Twitter photos and advertisements for Robbie Turner and am currently working on future t-shirt designs.

I write in my free time for The Odyssey Online, a publication for millennials that has all articles written by college students. I enjoy writing in my free time and through this I have become a skilled writer and I have learned unique writing techniques.

This summer I will be interning at New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio as a Marketing/Promotions Intern and through this experience I will be able to take my first steps into the entertainment industry.

All of my work experience have helped and will help me develop an advance, developed skill set that will make me an asset to myself and others in a workplace environment.

I am interested in public relations, marketing, and business management and am hoping through my undergraduate education and work experience to grow and become part of the entertainment industry.

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    • Montclair State University