Joshua Ball

Passionate about living life to the fullest; whether it be traveling, learning new cultures, meeting new people, participating in social injustice, enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend or stranger, or catching a sports game (preferably the Lakers or Broncos) my intent is to maximize life. I consider myself a life-time learner eager to mature and develop my social skills.

However I wasn't always this way. Born in Sacramento, California life consisted of a return value, essentially what can I get out of life. But after traveling and living abroad in Belo Horizonte, Brazil with my beautiful Brazilian wife, I have come to realize life consist of how much I can give back.

Over the past 10 years I worked for a non-profit (Third Culture Christian), as a project manager, which eventually landed me in Brazil, where we served street kids, homeless, prostitutes, recovering alcoholics/drug addicts, and worked in schools and prisons.

Today my wife (Debora) and our beautiful daughter (Janessa) and I are currently living in Sacramento, California where we remain active in serving local non-profits. We continue to seek out job opportunities that make it a priority to invest back into communities.