Joshua Ballze

Adventurer, Fossil Hunter, savior of small puppies! Or, something like that. I have alot of history though, I've survived Cancer, I've cheated death on countless other occasions, and now I'm out to make something of this life. I'm an artist as well whose worked for countless companies and countless genres, from Toys and Video Games to liscences like Star Wars, WWE, Voltron, X-Box, and countless others. When I'm not working on art, I'm out in the field saving lost ancient Indian graves and rare antiquities or uncovering fossils of dinosaurs and Mammoths from smugglers and dig sites. Most of all, I try to give back, currently I'm involved with City of Hope, and am currently enrolled in their Survivorship program to further advance modern medicine against the fight with cancer. There's more to me, but if you want to find out more your just gonna have to spend a day with me. Ya might want to bring some duct tape, superglue, and alot of rope......just to be safe ha ha.