Joshua Bumgarner

Life Coach, Consultant, and Project Manager in St. Louis, Missouri

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Greetings! Did you know how much I rock!! I am an office manager at Express Scripts Holding Co in St Louis MO. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am Joshua, but most people call me Josh ... at least to my face. My company is now one of the largest companies in the state of Missouri and rank as one of the largest employers in Saint Louis. Each day I am making checklists, calling clients, organizing all my workers, and general ensuring every little thing is running smoothly.

I am from Joplin, Missouri and went to State Fair Community College in Sedalia, Missouri. I majored in Artificial Intelligence but because of one of my teachers also became very interested in online marketing.

I am divorced and am extremely involved in cross fit. I am a huge sports fanatic and love following the Royals and Wizards. My taste in music is currently country. I feel obliged to plug my ears and scream if I hear rap! I am a gamer and in my spare time love to play my X Box because Playstation sucks!.

While job still uses up the majority of my day, my real passion and primary emphasis in life besides my family members stays in business building and entrepreneurship. I have a love for this area and seem to be honored with the capability to quickly see common troubles and provide guidance.