Joshua Delorme

Editor in Sacramento, California

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Josh Delorme is the Senior Editor at Lightning Cans, a website dedicated to the pure journalistic review of top lightning-enabled and connected audio devices. These include but are not limited to headphones, earbuds and bluetooth headsets.

Through frank and direct blogging Josh is intent on spreading his joy of all things Apple with the tech blogging community. He has blogged previously on other Apple products including laptops, desktops, iPads and iPhones. Lightning Cans is his first foreay into the complimentary accessory market.

Josh blogs about lightning-connector tech because he firmly believes it is the future of digital audio consumption. The combination of a cable being able to transfer data, power AND audio means it will provide an unimaginable variety of benefits for Apple users in the future.

The competition between USB-C and Lightning will be fierce, and Lightning Cans will be sure to follow the debate closely, however it will naturally be in the corner of Lightning connector tech.

Check out Lightning Cans, share the website, and recommend it to any Apple addicted friends as it will sure to delight in the future.