Joshua Ekrem

Spiritual Council, Public Speaker, and Life Coach in Phoenix, AZ

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I am a Spiritual Counselor, public speaker, and life coach currently living in Phoenix, AZ. I have since a very young age been conscious that my connection to the spiritual realm has been strong. At age 20, I was validated by Australian psychic-medium, Jane Snare, that matters of the spirit and guiding others and truly understanding who I am, was my path but was not to be manifested in full understanding until a later time. I did not understand the extent of the statements she made, despite having multiple psychic abilities.

At age 36, the Universe woke me up and has not revealed all but awakened me to fully manifest my connection to the spiritual world and guide those that come to me. I am not a forum to tell other people how to take their life journey or to share information unless it is invoked by them. Each person has a life path and a life journey that is uniquely theirs. It is against the laws of the Universe to interrupt that path unless a person invokes you as they are consciously choosing this path to move you into their path; an evolution or change in them is being sought. Then, my assistance becomes a part of their path. I do not take that responsibility lightly - human guidance is a significant calling and directly impacts people.

I am a spiritualist (non denominational of any religion) but inclusive of all thoughts of the spirit and metaphysics. I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Metaphysical Counseling at the University of Sedona, located in the state of Arizona, set to graduate in 2020.

I should clarify; any information that is given to me is not mine, but that which is given from the Universe, God, Spirit Guides, and any at all that one chooses to call its Deities or God as all people interpret that different. No one is wrong. I am just the medium or the other end of the telephone, so to speak.

That knowledge which I accumulate is given, not conjured up by a guess or a need to give people the answers they want to hear or in need to provide people a show. If I don’t receive information, it isn’t there to share and as much I will say. I am not a showman, and am not here to “provide people their money’s worth.” I do not use my abilities for the purposes of entertainment or just fun curiosity like a parlor trick. Anything other than that which is provided, does not get spoken, and when spoken, is provided as a matter of a human beings life journey, and there is no greater honor to provide this when it is my place to do so.