Joshua Jessup

20th of January

"What is the reason of life?"

Where is my mind, where is my friends, where is my love one, where is my family. I walk these roads, watching people, examing people, learning more and more about the true reason of life. People laughing, playing, praying, crying, killing, over dosing. What is the point of this. Life is suppose to be full of peace, love, laughter, learning more new things to make us smart, helping each other, growing to be successful, making love to your love one, being with family and enjoying your life. People fail to forfill the real reason of life and love.

20th of January

"My soulmate is my bestfriend."

Im in love, how do I tell her? Do I just come out with it? Do I just let it be and hope that she says it first? I can't get her off my mind. What is this weird feeling of flying stuff in my stomach when im around her? Am I sick? My mind takes me on a long adventure when I think about her. She makes me so happy that I tear up. I got to sleep thinking of her, I wake up thinking even more about her. When I get her text, I cant do nothing but smile. When I take her out all I have to do is look at her and she will smile. We have been through thick and thin, and would never ever want to go through those tough times with anyone else. When I tell her I love her I mean it with everything I got. Her parents are amazing people someone you could look up to. She is smart, when I say this I mean it in the smartest way. She is the best thing that anyone could be blessed to have.

20th of January

"Where is my brother?"

Anthony! Anthony! Where are you? I need you man, I miss the times you used to sit me down and talk to me about life. You taught me so much on what right things to do, and also the wrong things not to get into. I can't take this pain Anthony, I'm sorry your not here anymore, IM SORRY! Is it my fault that man pulled that trigger on you and took your life away? The day it happen I couldn't do anything but drop to my knees and cry. I lost you bro, I lost my bestfriend, I lost the one that kept me up and running, I lost you forever.