Joshua Kerrigan

Joshua Kerrigan is best known as a talented yacht pilot and a competent marina manager. He is also widely respected for his extensive training as a paramedic and EMT. Joshua Kerrigan spends most of his time at work, helping his clients, but he does try to carve out time for himself. Joshua Kerrigan is an avid runner, and he can often be found running the athletic track at the Pompano Beach Airpark. He recently purchased a home in Pompano Beach as well, and he's currently supervising a series of remodeling projects that will transform the home into the house of his dreams. Joshua Kerrigan also makes time to swim each week, and he teaches a series of classes to train young people to work as lifeguards. There's no doubt that Joshua Kerrigan is a busy man, with many projects happening at the same time, but he prefers to stay busy in this way, helping as many people as he can, each and every day.

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