Joshua Jones

Born in winter, fell into a mystery and solved it, then found a new one. I played in bands as a bass player and lyricist, published some stories, and never looked back. I write. I learn. I listen. I must.

My novel, The Excess Road is an ebook on Barnes & Noble--
Also on iTunes, Kobo, Diesel and is at quite a reasonable price.

The Excess Road is also a paperback on Amazon!!!--

The comic book blog I do with my writing partner Mark Frankel is here:

The shorts Oneiromancy and Blue lips and crayons are on Amazon as Kindle Singles->

A poetry collection called Whispers of Hypnos is free on as well as other sites. I am on Twitter as @JLAJones and on Facebook as Joshua Lee Andrew Jones. The Excess Road has a page at

A satire titled "Santa's a Zombie" can be found on Amazon here->

I write novels, screenplays, poetry, comics, stage plays and the script to my tomorrow. I don't quote William Blake anymore. Or Voltaire. Cheers!