Joshua Michael Cobb

Real Estate in Claremont, CA

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Joshua Michael Cobb carries on his father's legacy by working in the commercial real estate investing industry in Claremont, CA. His father is a self-made millionaire and businessman who has been imparting his 55 years of knowledge and experience to Joshua his whole life. Joshua has been involved in the business since before attending college at UCLA and dedicates his career to it full-time. After earning his degree, he spent 17 years as a general contractor, gaining valuable experience allowing him to work with commercial real estate clients from start to finish, including construction projects.

Drawing from his background in construction and contracting, Joshua Michael Cobb possesses a uniquely comprehensive skill set that greatly advantages his clients. Beyond his adept understanding of the commercial real estate landscape and adept guidance through transactions, he is proficient in assisting with build-outs, structural considerations, and securing essential funding. This proficiency positions him and his company as an all-inclusive solution for commercial real estate ventures. Joshua's alignment with and fervor for the real estate field are apparent, and he takes pride in contributing to his father's enduring legacy. The company, deeply woven into the community's fabric, is a heritage he diligently upholds throughout his endeavors.

Joshua Michael Cobb has successfully undertaken diverse projects, ranging from launching retail enterprises to establishing new local dining establishments. Moreover, the firm extends its expertise to property management services, offering valuable assistance to real estate investors in portfolio administration. Joshua thrives on embracing novel undertakings and aiding in crafting strategic visions for each distinct property. By collaborating with his father, he can unleash his imaginative flair and construction acumen, all while fostering relationships and aiding others in navigating the multifaceted realm of commercial real estate investment.

He loves helping people bring their businesses to life with the perfect property.

Beyond his commitment to the family business, Joshua Michael Cobb is fueled by a deep passion for his family. For the past 11 years, he has cherished a loving marriage with his wife, and together, they navigate the beautiful chaos of raising four energetic young children. Joshua finds immense joy in spending quality time with his family, engaging in outdoor activities, and creating lasting memories.

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