Joshua Oakley

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Planet Earth, Solar System, Orion Spiral Arm, Milky Way Home Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, Universe Metaverse Multiverse Omniverse - Peace Love Understanding Mythology Art - Music Movies Magick Religion Philosophy Writing Politics Science Environment Economics - Student of Peace, Love, Understanding, Light, Life, Good Health, Writing, Gardening, Imagination, Dreams, Stars, Poetry, Magic, Wilderness, Oceans, Moon, Sun, Beauty, Truth, Balance, Self, World, & Cosmos <3 - Peace Justice Love Poetry Inspiration Beauty Wisdom Future World Vision Understanding World Peace Beauty Light Love Truth Understanding Justice Freedom Order Compassion Environment Sustainability Wisdom Dream Visions Creativity Imagination Knowledge Wisdom Information Complexity Simplicity Duality Unity Hope Perseverance Patience Universe World Growth Change Learning Study Silence Music Poetry Storytelling Art Politics Policy People Helping Others Ocean Moon Stars Sky Earth Fire Air Wind Magic Heart Spirit Sun Language Creation Preservation Mountain Valley Garden Temple Peace Overcoming Transcending Darkness Light Balance Ocean Doorway Window Circle Open Faery Five Dimension Gateway Tunnel Chaos Order Portal Labyrinth Flowers Life Visions Imagination Beauty Mind Spirit Soul Mandala Smiling Dancing Drawing Garden Dreams Lovers Poetry Alchemy Future Guardian Storm River Life Abyss Creation Imagination Black Hole Chaotic Heart Dancing Star Tunnel Consciousness Awareness Action Vision Order Chaos Sun Moon Ocean Fire Sky Divine Guardians Cat Turtle Vision Human Raven Butterfly Hawk Star Water Air Earth Energy Spirit Wholeness Peace Love Ecology Equality Balance Green Blue Turquoise Purple Diamond Silver Gold Shadow Light Water Earth Fire Air Spirit Vision Thought Jade Onyx Opal Amber Violet Lapis Coral Marble Diamond Lotus Love Peace Health Ecology Understanding Justice Compassion Integration Music Life Duality Individual Ineffable Mystery Beauty Sublimation of Conflict Waking Dream Vision Consciousness Growing Transforming Becoming Light and Shadow Golden Dust Moon Blue Sky Morning Dark Five Dimensions Chorus Star Children of Forest Island Avatar World Hero Appearance Serpent King and Queen Night Day Paradise Water Lovers Twins Quartet Bull Balance Horns Ladder Staircase Doorway Star Butterfly Blue Green Turquoise Purple Moon White Light Sky Spirit Seven Dimensional Intuitive Earth Water Emotion Imagination Soul Fire Breath Truth Knowledge Wisdom

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    • Self Employed Author
  • Education
    • Gatlinburg Pittman High School
    • University of Tennessee at Knoxville Alum
    • University of Tennessee at Knoxville