Joshua Ongko

Jakarta Indonesia

All I want is to create...but I guess fear of being rejected of who I am is always in my mind. The only thing I fear is deciding to change for what the world wants me to be, and to loose conscience and abandon standards to accept the world.

But I am an artist, and artists create audiences. I want the world to accept me.

I love to write, I love to produce music, and I love design.

Music has always been a natural gift for me and my first love for art came from music. I taught myself how to sing from listening to Soul and R&B music and taught myself how to write lyrics from listening to Hip-Hop music. Music is something that progresses throughout my lifetime and I forced myself to become a critic in music.

My musical Influence came from R&B music from the 90's and the early 2000.

My taste for design grows only after I decided to study Graphic Design as an Arts & Design major. Logos and Colors interests me and Pop art dazzled me.

My favorite artists are Jean Basquiat and Milton Glaser.

My favorite photographers are Karrah Kobus and Lindsay Adler.

  • Education
    • Arts & Design, Binus International