Joshua Park

Joshua began violin at the age of 8 and studied with a Hungarian teacher, Erno Kabok. Later he decided to move to Calgary to study with Cenek Vrba who was the Concertmaster of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Under Cenek's tutalage, Joshua enrolled at the Mount Royal Conservatory Academy program and completed his diploma in music performance. He continued his studies at the University of Calgary with Edmond Agopian and received his Bachelor's of music degree. Currently, Joshua plays 1st violin with the Civic Symphony Orchestra and freelances in Calgary. He has played in various venues such as Lincoln Centre (NY), Jack Singer Concert Hall, Korq, 80th and Ivy, Hyundai dealership, Carl's Jr, and Gohan. In addition to performing, Joshua is a teacher and is a member of the Alberta Registered Music Teacher's Association. He enjoys the success of his students and through them, he relives his days as a young violinist.