joshua villarreal

Healthcare Consultant and Social Media Manager in Miami, Florida

Greetings to all, I’m Joshua. I’m a Healthcare Consultant with a passion in helping those in need. I am currently living in Miami, Florida. I am a huge fan of community outreach, volunteer programs and giving back to the community. I volunteer at local food drives, and community events to give back to my wonderful city of Hialeah. My interests also include entrepreneurship, travel, and fitness. I’m also interested in music and education.

I also am a part of the music industry, where I help promote a local artist Eskeerdo and his brand. The brand is "HIA ENTERTAINMENT" and we participate in many events in an effort to get his name around the city. My major accomplishments include being apart of this brand and our success thus far. I am looking forward to the growth of my own healthcare company "VIRE Healthcare" as well as my collaboration with the music entertainment group. I am a very hardworking, determined and motivated individual who will not stop working until I reach the top! I have plenty of goals in mind, and I will not stop until all of my goals have been reached. If you'd like to get to know more, please click the link above.