Joshua Voon

As the Founder of Godspeed Consulting, Joshua takes on the roles of Executive Coach and Facilitator.

Joshua’s work connects him with managers and executives of businesses from around the region. He taps on his acquired wealth of knowledge and experience to provide clients with strategic prescriptions for purposeful and effective performance. With an approach that is forthright, engaging and authentic, his goal is to always inspire balance and brilliance in his professional engagements.

He has collaborated with Q3global, a group of worldwide ‘Meeting Architects’, and is currently working with a diverse pool of talents and thought leaders that focus on helping leaders and organisations become a force for good, in their unending quest to create a better world through the process of learning, collaboration and execution - today and for future generations.

Joshua constantly raises the bar for himself, relentlessly striving to flourish in his pursuit of personal growth and development, and challenges himself to achieve nothing but the best that is fuelled by the optimum capacity within him.

A keen student of Wing Chun and an ardent vocalist, Joshua was an EXCO-member of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches. He has also graduated with an MBA from The University of Adelaide, Australia, and is an internationally certified Meta Coach (ACMC).

His innate passion in the psychology of human motivation is complemented by two decades of professional client development, marketing and communications. Joshua pays it forward, putting all that he has acquired through the years into helping individuals and institutions unleash creativity, cultivate leadership and enjoy success.

  • Education
    • ACMC (International Society of Neuro-Semantics)
    • MBA (Adelaide)