Joshua Wagschal

Food Blogger in Spring Valley, New York

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Joshua Wagschal is an experienced entrepreneur who grew up in Brooklyn and currently resides in New York. Throughout his career, Joshua has been fortunate to find a great deal of success as he has in his various business ventures.

He began his career with Overstock Plumbing Deals, and it proved to be a vital move for his career. Overstock Plumbing Deals works to stock their store with the best selling and performing appliances in plumbing that other business do not have space for, and sell them to customers for substantially reduced prices, so customers can receive high-end products at a lower cost. They provide products such as state of the art pewter faucets, chrome shower heads, and durable Kohler bathtubs.

Joshua Wagschal has enjoyed being a liaison between suppliers and customers, and was impressed with the company’s ability to reach their goals and deliver 100% of their deals with clients. At Overstock Plumbing Deals, each employee, works tirelessly to provide the best service to their clients. Joshua Wagschal greatly appreciates the opportunity he’s had working with Overstock Plumbing Deals, and has enjoyed the opportunities to foster strong relationships with both his colleagues and his clients. Seeing clients achieve their goals and being able to play an instrumental role in that success is extremely rewarding, and although Joshua Wagschal has since moved on from Overstock, he looks back fondly on the time he spent there.

From Overstock Plumbing Deals, Joshua Wagschal later went on to work with Yalla Natural, which provides mobile classes and workshops on healthy living for different communities. Joshua worked in a variety of roles, organizing new classes and activities based on community response and keeping a balance of diverse opinions and backgrounds on their work team. Anything that needed to be completed, Joshua was more than willing to see it through to completion. Yalla Natural, as an organization that strives to offer nutritional options and information, is as devoted to community encouragement as is Joshua. Collectively, they want to see the change that they are working towards, and if it doesn’t appear, they rework their programs until that does happen. The goal is to empower youths so that they may carry this understanding of a healthy lifestyle with them, and to give them tools to maintain this.