Josh Walls

Rome, Georgia

I'm a 16 year old student that will be going into my junior year of school. I keep my grades up, so I'm not your typical high schooler. I have high expectations of myself and my goal for anything I do is simply "success". And yes, I know "sucess" is not easy to obtain.

I like to call myself a weather enthusiast. No, I'm not a cetified meteorologist nor did I ever claim to be and yes, I do run Northwest Georgia Weather Updates along with

I've been into weather since 2011, but never really decided to truely look into it until 2013. Northwest Georgia has their fair share of severe weather, so I figured I would make a page to share weather info when local TV stations turn their backs on us to cover "metro counties".

A couple of days after I launched the page a pretty nasty severe weather setup was begining to unfold, so now was the time to test out what I can truely do with this page that I just created. Needless to say, I gained over 1,000 likes that night, along with hate. Little did I know, there was competion in this area. Turns out I wasn't the only one with the bright idea to create a weather page, but all is settled and resolved with a certain weather team and they have been great "mentors" to me.

Once I graduate high school (go Model Blue Devils!) I plan to go to college and pursue a degree in meteorology. So, in the future.. you might see me as your local TV met or somewhere behind the scenes of weather forecasting. Either way, if (when) I make a name for myself, you can officially say that I covered your weather when I was only 16.

TO THOSE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DISLIKE THE PAGE: I was always sciptical about releasing my real age, because of the fact that I'm so "young". But if I haven't lost your trust in weather coverage so far.. what makes you think I will all of a sudden cause panic/hype about the weather, because I'm 16? In the end, it doesn't matter how old you are.. as long as you do what you love to do and you are good at it.. there's nothing wrong.

Thanks for supporting me and the page this far! I hope for the expansion of my viewership to conitue to grow! Thanks.


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