hello!my name is ryan but i'd prefer if you call me josh!i am kin with mainly josh from until dawn, ahkmenrah from night at the museum and Kenny from the war at home!! and if you are kin w: any of these fine rami characters as i am, I'd prefer if we wouldn't interact as much but im still open to do so as long as it's not well about us really??my secondary kins are kankri and vriska, which im fine if you're kin with them and will talk to you!! please do not think just because I am kin with these people doesn't mean I'm a. bad person, usually i feel more so as kankri when im in a bossy mood and vriska when i feel like a total bitch and well quite awestruck with other kins and will usually be sad during that time.please tag me as any of my kins and typically just rami as well, if you can!!( though I am not factkin of him or anyone, really )I don't think I'm a system, but I do talk to myself. a l o t. and If you know me irl I do even mumble to myself, I also refer to myself in third person sometimes and acknowledge my other kins as if I have multiples of myself so?? beware of that!!i prefer male pronouns over female but im also fine with them/they or it!!sometimes my pronouns change to female though, in which case you can still call me Josh but Josie is much better!!i'm genderfluid!! and i suppose pansexual? i really don't care who im not fond when someone tries to spoil something really important so please don't do that around me or say 'lol' it's just??annoying :(currently i am in a relationship with two lovely people, frisk ( ) + sans ( ).i have a small group of friends and i love them all very much!!!im a huge mama's boy also and i live with my mom basically [ and my stepdad but we don't acknowledge him ]if you're ever sad just talk to me also and ill try my best to help!!fun fact: did you know im the pink prince also??i love the color pink!!when i grow up i always say i want to be a writer/author but the truth is i want to help people and be a therapist or guidance councler so please if you can talking to me about your feelings would be very nice for me and you,i would hope!i also hate being alone::which i think i also have bpd?? I haven't been professionally diagnosed but i do believe that i do have bpd for now due to taking online tests.. if you don't think i have it though, it's okay! i understand!! thank you for reading this.