Josh Wagner

My name is Josh Wagner; I am a self-motivated, 24 year old professional welcoming you to my pursuit of success.

I've never really been like everyone else around me; I've never dreamt of becoming the next Neil Armstrong, or the next Joe DiMaggio, or even the next Frank Sinatra (the sobering lack of talent in those respective areas aside). No; I dreamt of one day becoming the next big wig entrepreneur. The next John Rockefeller, the next Sam Walton, or, my favorite, the next Walt Disney.

My pursuit of this undying commitment began when I was 16 years old and began a marginally successful website development business ( - an homage to great success) with two of my friends at the time. Though the quality of work was what would be expected of 3 teenage kids in the early 00's, we did fairly well for ourselves on a month-by-month basis. Though the business itself was fairly short lived, it sparked a fire that has burned since, and set me a-sail on a journey I know will last me a lifetime.

Though my self confidence may wane at times, I have never doubted my professional potential, and believe wholeheartedly my time will come to be a part of something that changes the world. I have always taken a tremendous amount of pride in deriving, developing and evolving an idea or concept I've believed in, even if and when others have thought it foolish. There is nothing I would rather be doing, and nothing I wouldn't risk to pursue something I truly believe in.