Josh Wilton

Student in San Antonio, Texas

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Hey, I’m Josh. I’m a student living in San Antonio, Texas. I've always been a fan of traveling and adventure, but also innovation that excites. I am currently in my last year of high school and i do plan on going right into college as soon as i graduate. My plans are to save money and attend community college the first two years to study the basics. I then will transfer to a university in which i can pursue an education in engineering, for it is my life long dream to become an engineer of some sort, anything from civil engineering, computer engineering, and maybe even mechanical engineering. My mother, and both of her parents, attended South West Texas State, which is now just known as Texas State. If i am financially able, i would like to follow my mothers footsteps, and my grandparents before her, and attend Texas State University to study my basics. Then hopefully i will be able to transfer to a university with a better engineer program to kick start my career. My heart of coarse lies at UT Austin for i was born a longhorn, and i do bleed orange. But if i got to choose a university to attend, i would betray my love and attend Texas A&M University for they're engineering program is the best in the state, and among the top 5 in the nation. Well, this is me, and these are my plans, hope to see you soon!