Josie Hernandez

San Ramon, California

Josefa Carlin (maiden name) was born in the heart of San Francisco, CA in October of 1983. A proud native, The City taught her a wealth of knowledge: street smarts, foodie values, funky styles, tattoo couture, liberal tendencies and a passion for music and sports. The public school system in San Fran isn't widely known for stellar curriculum, but Josefa found a great affection for music and swimming, which aided her in scholarships for college.

After graduating from George Washington High School in 2001, she began freshman year at University of the Pacific with a swim scholarship. Both parents wanted their first born close to home and with the lure of private schooling, she on-boarded as a Tiger later that fall.

During orientation, Josefa's roommate and fellow teammate introduced their friends who asked if she knew any "gay" people, since she grew up in San Francisco. With the culture clash and both swim coaches departing for other schools the following year, in 2002 Josefa decided to return back to the City by the Bay.

Not thinking college was for her, she started a career in Administration. A few years later and soon realizing her aspirations required a degree, Josefa went back to school. There was a life-hiccup in 2004 where she found herself managing Type 1 Diabetes. Never letting that hinder her from achieving success, Josefa continued swimming which afforded her another scholarship to UC - Santa Barbara. At UCSB, Josefa picked up the nickname "Josie" (after her coach needed a shorter name to yell) and it stuck. Elected women’s team captain in 2006, Josie's swim career ended short due to NCAA regulations (5 years to complete 4 years of eligibility...long story). She found her soul mate, Jose Hernandez (whom she later married in 2014), and graduated with Gaucho pride in 2007.

Returning to the Bay Area, Josie found her dream employer in 2009 at vCom Solutions. Starting as the Office Manager, Josie's ability to connect with people landed her a new role in Talent Acquisition in 2012. Today she works tirelessly to develop this new division and recruit top talent to join the vCom family. She is happy, she is challenged, and Josie remains passionately optimistic in the many opportunities ahead.

  • Work
    • Talent Management at vCom Solutions
  • Education
    • UC - Santa Barbara