Josie Rosa

Miami, Florida, United States

Josie Rosa


Settle up in the beautiful Sunshine State of, Miami Florida from Camuy, Puerto Rico comes Josie Rosa, she is strong, optimistic, fun and proudly vocal-free. She is a singer/songwriter that wrote her first song at the age of six. And begin professional training at the age of 14. Same age she becomes “Miss Fiestas Patronales” de Camuy where she gets the chance to perform live in front of a crowded audience. She traveled around the Island for competitions where she wings first places. She also participated in soap oprah, did some petite modeling and also did some professional dance performances for shows and events.

“Gozate la Vida” is her first record. Fortunate enough to work with the talented producer Dennis Nieves who has worked with well know artists like Shakira, Gloria Trevi, Elvis Crespo, Olga Tanon, Yomo, Chino y Nacho just to mention a few and they put together an amazing record! And its funny because right before she started working with Dennis she dreamed about them recording in the studio for the first time and so it happen! Her music is house/dance/pop. Her musical influence has some oriental rhythms, like oriental guitars, samba, along with house, and some Spanish regueeton dance.

Through her career she learned that uniqueness, creativity and descipline is very important in order to achive success. She also noticed that the people’s response in the places where she performed have been successful and that keeps her motivated! “My vision is to bring to people of all audiences fresh, new and exciting music“.

These record is very important to her because she wants to make a great impression and she wants to give to the people out there all her talent and love tru music. Her goal is to see people have fun, dance, and sing along with her music all over the world, sold-out stadiums, Grammies, #1 hits…the whole nine. Josie knows exactly what she wants and shes’ not afraid to go after it.
“Music makes me feels complete, and I know that my life would feel empty without it. It has been that way as long as I can remember, and I don’t expect to ever give it up”.

Josie Rosa


Radicada en la hermosa cuidad del Sol Miami, Florida desde Camuy, Puerto Rico, esta es, Josie Rosa fuerte, optimista, divertida y orgullosa de su voz. Ella es una canta/autora que escribio su primera cancion cuando tenia 6 años de adad, comenzo su entrenamiento pro

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