Josie Wasielewski

My name is Josie M. Wasielewski. I am a freshman at Pulaski High School. I would like to go into college after I graduate high school. When I go into college; I want to to be a teacher. I want to be a teacher in kindergarten, elementary, or middle school teacher. Are family every year on my dad's side. We gather to are grandmas and grandpas house. Easter we have breakfast. We even make homemade polish sausage and meats since we are polish. In the summer we have a Wasielewski fishing tournament to see who gets the biggest and most weighed fish. Christmas Day we go to their house open presents, and have breakfast. We even make homemade donuts which is delicious. My mom’s side of the family we go up to the cabin for Christmas and the riddler comes, Christmas eve they come to our house this year, and we celebrate. We go camping and it’s so much fun. My favorite color is lime green, cause it’s awesome. My favorite restaurant is Taco Bell, I hop, Pancake Place, and DQ. I have a sister, brother, and I’m the middle child. I am also a huge-big fan of animals. People drop of stray cats, and I find them and take care of them. I have a dog Yocome (Boxer), a Cat indoor and outdoor Tony and Orange, and two guinea pigs S'mores and Gus. My hobbies are going camping, fishing, hunting, four wheeling, sewing, and spending time with my family.