Josipa Mađor

What is your name ?

Josipa M.

How old are you ?


Where do you live ?

near Split, Croatia.

Relationship status ?


How long have you had tumblr ?

for two years

Favorite musicians ?

B.o.B, Kanye West

I don't usually listen to the type of music on my playlist, but it fits in my blog.

What do you wanna be when you grow up ?

I would like to write for magazine.

How many blogs do you follow ?

about 300, but I don't care about that too much

How many followers do you have ?

about 350

Do famous blogs follow you ?

I don't know which one are famous lol

What category does your blog come in ?

I don't know, I just post what I like on dashboard, but also my posts depend on how I feel.