Jou-Fei Huang

Taipei City, Taiwan.

In brief, my fervor is in political science and calligraphy. I support environmental protection and pursue human rights. My dream is to declare the impact of experts in modern democratic regime and how that may undermine the basis of democracy.

Following the policy and legislature is my interest and passion about, in the world of experts from all areas, the question of whose opinion should we listen always occupy my mind to the pursuit of academic journey. From freshman, I joined the debate team to learn and practice on rational discussion and trying to conceptualize the problem to reach a consensus. Yet, after joining the campaign raised by the Legislature chamber, I realized that no matter how hard and clear about the issue that we discuss through, the core decision power is resting on how many other organizations and senators agree and willing to vote for your proposal. Therefore, I started to join NGOs in medical reform, environmental protection and human rights advocacy which I consider the three most important issues of Taiwan. My goal is to become a STS(Science, Technology, and Society) professor, since the growing strength of professionalism and the amount of expertise in the policy making process will undermine the core element of democratic accountability. Also, we raised a citizen deliberation conference on Value-Added Health Database usage, to see how Taiwan government regulate our personal data and if this data should be make for private interest or not; Taiwan have a great history of national health insurance system to provide a very complete database, if we as citizen have no knowledge to the purpose of these data collecting while we go to hospitals, there will be consequences.

I did research about SARS, vaccine policy in Taiwan, the later one is my master degree thesis.Right now, I’m working on the project about the relationship between the regime and deforestation, extending the discussion of the process and spirit of democratic practice, and combine with the central-local relationship literature.

  • Work
    • Research Assistant
  • Education
    • master degree in Politics