Hello there : )

Welcome to what you need to know about joulz

my name is Nejoud,but you can call me Judi/joulz/najouda

i'm 16 goin 17 in couple monthes

i like:

Making videos with my D5100 nikon <3 its my love.

To laugh alot,and make people laugh with me :D

To be Crazy and fun and shout stupit things in the wrong time :D

To sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep all day long :3

i Like lots of stuff but i'm too tired to write them -.-


i dislike:



Jerks and mean people


i only want friends who make me laugh,happy,forget about my proplems and always be there for me :)

and i'm looking for the perfect..well not perfect but someone to love me for who i am,,and care for me,,and always misses me :P

so if you're available and cute then add me on fb ;)

LOL jk!

well..that's it for today.. i will updated later cause i'm busy

ttyl xoxo