Journey 2 Healing

Holistic Health/Wellness Coach in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Welcome! I've been in the Healing Arts Field for almost 20 years and I'm a Holistic Health/Wellness Coach. I've studied under some of the greatest guru's of our time. I take the Holistic Approach Body/Mind/Spirit, to bring the body back into Homeostasis. My own personal journey has led me down this path.

As an Aromatherapist I also do a lot of work with Essential Oils

Generally, an overall way to a healthier lifestyIe. I also educate people how to live on a higher level of awareness through Energy Work and tap into your inner self on a deeper level.

To some it up, Healing with Food, Herbs, Detoxing, Juicing, Homeopathics, Essential Oils, Energy Work, Spiritual Work. It's all individualized to your own specific needs.

I am only a vessel, A humble servant if you will. I am a Spirit Filled Christian and He is the Ultimate Healer!