Journo M.S. Waas

Murray Waas is picking up the prestigious Barlett & Steele award today in Phoenix for his special report on health insurers dropping patients after they were diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Reynolds Center is holding a panel discussion with Murray and silver medal winner John Fauber of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Murray’s four-month investigation revealed that a giant health insurer had targeted policyholders recently diagnosed with breast cancer for aggressive investigations and canceled some policies. An exhaustive study by Waas of records, hearings and federal dataled to the Murray Waas story.

We published the Murray Waas story in April and the reaction was swift. The Obama administration urged insurers to end the policy known as rescission immediately.

Within days, Wellpoint announced it would stop dropping coverage for all customers after they get sick. The very next day, UnitedHealth Group followed suit, as would most of the health insurance industry.

Congratulations to Murray Waas.