Jo Windred

My first Yoga class was above a health food shop back in 1990. I don't think anyone forgets the feeling after their first yoga class. Fo me it was a feelling of deep satisfaction, a feeling I had found "home". That first time it was a powerful revelation, but each time I practice yoga I get that same feeling of arriving home, where I am meant to be.

What I find incredible is that we can all race around in life, be so busy and full of purpose, yet we often forget to devote time to journey inwards, to clear out that peaceful space within. We all need to tend to that inner space regularly, shine a light into that quiet sanctuary where we can feel we are home, we can be quiet, where we can start to witness life from a place of calm.

I began teaching yoga in 1997. It has been the greatest honour to see my students achieve such a sense of joy at having reconnected with themselves. Our asanas, meditation, chanting! They are an incredible gift from antiquity. Our need to connect with the Divine is so vital at this time. I find it so special that we all come together in a class to share and support this gift.

I am a mother of three. I discovered birth was one gigantic yoga practice! And parenting yet another. My children are my greatest teachers. They teach me to surrender, to breathe, to love, to trust. Amma is my other great inspiration. She loves everyone, and embraces us all, without judgement or conditions. Before every class I think of Amma, and try to do what she does, just welcome and love every class, whoever may walk in, and surrrender to the lessons which come. I feel so blessed to have this experience.