Joya Dass

New York, New York

Joya Dass is an American TV anchor and living and working in New York City, She can currently be seen delivering business news on NY1. She has also been host of a popular Saturday morning entertainment show AVS since December 2002.

Joya is using her 15 years in television to support her a women's networking initiative called "LadyDrinks," (, which hosts monthly events designed to support the female South Asian small business entrepreneur.

Under the JOYA DASS PRODUCTIONS umbrella, she has produced and directed a series of social justic documentaries and photo essays. She's just been named the new Executive Director of the South Asian International Film Festival, presented by HBO.

Joya is a frequent speaker, emcee and moderator. Joya delivered her first TEDTALK on the topic of "Re-imagining Failure" at Barnard November 2nd, 2013. Click here to see:

See this link for list of upcoming speaking engagements

Joya on TV

What is LadyDrinks

Emceeing the ICA Gala


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