Joyce Wang

Washington DC Metro Area

When I got born, the nurse slapped my chubby butt to make me cry, which implied this infant started to breathe user its own lung. Probably there were more deeper meaning like "let the kid know that life is tought!". You know, it's the traditional. However, I refused to cry! That was not a good sign to the nurse. Not only did she felt being challenged, but also started to doubt if I could survive since I still could not breathe after leave mom's womb. She then hold my ankle, lifted me up side down and slaped my butt harder. Again, I insist on no crying! At the moment she raised her hand and gave me a final try, I gave her some giggle as compromise.

It was a miracle moment because that's when I decided to face my life with smile, no matter what I would encounter.

  • Work
    • Software QA Engineer
  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts Boston