Elaine/Elaine Christian/Joyce

Clarksville Tennessee

Elaine was born in Chattanooga and raised in Clarkesville , Tennessee not far from Nashville and the Grand ‘Ole Opry.

Together with mom and dad, Elaine and her 7 brothers and sisters all shared a great love for music. All could sing and several could also write songs and play musical instruments. Even as a small child Elaine’s’ youngest brother, Billy Joe would sit for hours watching and listening to some of the great musicians to pass through Clarksville, Evenings were spent on the porch of their home and as kids they would find something to make a noise with. That noise blended into some pretty good music.
Elaine’s sister Dorothy was referred to as the young Kitty Wells and Fran was labeled as female Marty Robbins Brother Johnny sounded like Merle Haggard, Brother Jimmy was a mean hot harmonica player/singer , Ron a guitar player/singer, Herby was a drummer/singer
Elaine was the shy one and the last one to take up music and shoot for a career in the entertainment field

Elaine gave her life to the Lord at the tender age of 7 when attending a big Baptist Church in San Antonio Texas where a friend had taken her. Little did she know at that time how the Holy Spirits intervention in her life would serve to save her from many situations that would not have been good. Even though temptations came, the Holy Spirits conviction was greater than the temptation and Elaine soon learned that "greater is He who is within you than he who is in the world"'

At the young age of 13 Elaine went to work a few hours a day so that she could save her pennies and buy her momma a washing machine. Raising 8 kids took it's toll and the ‘ole washboard was wearing out her mommas’ knuckles and back.

As her education began to suffer, Elaine turned more and more to the music she loved.

In the ‘late 60’s Elaine, her Mother and two younger brothers moved to Texas where they made a home in San Angelo, a small town in West Texas.

At age 21 Elaine rededicated her life to the Lord and began to sing gospel music in nursing homes and many other venues along with her Mother, brothers Billy and Herby
as she continued to work and help support the family. It was while she worked behind the counter at a local convenient store that Elaine was overheard singing as she filled shelves. A gentleman who had come into the store on business wondered where this beautiful voice was coming from "his word