Joyce & Lisseth


We wanted to put a face to the email, thank you for taking the time to check out our page. We'll keep this short and sweet, but if you have any further questions for us...please ask!

-What we are looking for?-

Ideally, we are looking for a short term living situation starting August 15th (can do August 1st if necessary) to the end of November 2015. We are Joyce, Lisseth, Yoyo & Lucien Cenali.

-Why are looking?-

We're actually trying to become locals! We invested in a property in the Russian River area but cannot live there while renovations are taking place, hence the short term part. Lisseth is attending SRJC for the Fall Semester so anything that keeps us near these two points would be great!

-Who are we?-

Joyce-> Originally from Atlanta, she has lived in San Francisco for 15 years and has been a homeowner for 12 years. She is an experience seeker, loves staying active, good food, and great music (she spent many years working in the music industry). Currently she works in the tech sector, spending her time between San Francisco and our Russian River property.

Lisseth-> Currently a student and craft entrepreneur. She loves to create in different mediums, mostly costume, fantasy makeup and wig styling. An avid animal lover, her passion for our four legged friends have inspired her to pursue her life long dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Yoyo-> aka "Baggins" she is a 30lb Kelpie mix that is all about love and chasing balls at the dog park. She's our sweet girl that loves a good cuddle and sunbathing.

Lucien-> aka "the hansome man" he is a 12lb Chinese Crested Powder Puff that is more cat than dog. Meaning, he's not a barker and mostly sticks to himself despite everyone doting on him. He loves all the treats and can even dance for them!

-Why should you rent to us?-

Well, we'd love to tell you all the reasons in person! We are homeowners and landlords, we know and appreciate tenants that respect the property and pose no financial difficulties. Our dogs are respectful, house trained and current on all vaccinations. We wouldn't cause any trouble and are extremely grateful for anyone considering opening their property to our family.