Joyce Cai

Shanghai, China

Personal Experiences:

Freelance Translator (January 2013 – Present)
Professional service includes:
- English-Chinese translation
- Chinese-English translation
- Business translation
- Web/app translation
- Video/movie subtitle translation
- Interpretation (Shanghai only)

Personal Chinese Trainer (November 2011 – Present)
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China Marketing Assistant @ OpenLanguage Ltd. (February 2012 – Present)

Interesting Facts about me:

Professional Web/App Translator, who offers high-quality translations and localization business.

A retired ballet dancer. Now is doing Jazz, Reggae, Latin, etc. to keep my body shape.

Painter who is extremely sensitive to colors and lights. Favorite artist is Claude Monet.

Speaks Shanghainese, Mandarin Chinese, English, and now learning Japanese and Russian.

Definitely not a vegetarian.

Loves movies, except for Ghost-movies.

A curious and fast learner for any cool and new things.

Surrounded by my fantastic COOL friends, I love you guys. *^o^*

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