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You can observe it ever any level a biological organization from DANONE of the DNA Molopo a huge macromolecule it's on the border between life and non-life has the potential within it to know that when it has been injured by an ultraviolet ray for example immediately to begin elaborating specific repair enzymes to repair the damage and that same potential you can see whether you look at organelles cells tissues organs the whole organism and that's we're good medicine should start the second broad principle integrative medicine is our insistence that human beings are more than physical bodies were also mental emotional being spiritual into these community members those other dimensions of human life are incredibly relevant to understanding health and illness if you cut them off only look at the physical body at not only do you cut yourself off from a an understanding of the real causes of health and illness but you also limit your treatment interventions to those directed at the physical body which are the ones that tend to be most expensive most invasive most Safer Colon productive form and often quite limited in their ability to change physical conditions a third principle integrative medicines that we pay attention to all aspects of life style understanding health and wellness and I think this is where integrative medicine really shines in its ability to deliver true preventive care and health promotion something that’s very relevant to the so-called health care debate.