Joy Kiruki

Like a grain of salt in a salt dish, so am I. I marvel at technology and what it can do, though i may not fully understand it. It changes so fast! My background is in communications and i have a masters in business administration. I have been in the media industry in Kenya since 2006. Currently I work for K24 TV a branch of Mediamax limited, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

I report on various human interest stories.To catch a glimpse click > news stories to sample some of what i have done. Some of the stories have given me an opportunity to travel to various parts of the country, meet new people and share in their stories. Some have been heart wrenching, still others heart warming and informative. All the same they have made my work worthwhile, and fun.

I am interested in environmental matters, ICT issues, personal development, entrepreneurship, relational issues, agribusiness and things fashion and travel. To get a glimpse of some of the topics I have handled in these areas, check out my videos.

I love the outdoors. I have climbed Mt. Kenya, an exhilarating experience. I have dared to banjey jump, do abseilling, and lost myself in roller coaster experiences.

The world is my oyster. I have had the wonderful experience of traveling to every continent in the world, save for Australia. I hope to do that in my life time.

In all these, East West, home is where my heart lies.