Joyness Sparkles

Joyness Sparkles

First and foremost I am a wife of an amazing man and a mother of two incredible boys. My family is my heart.

I am in love with permaculture! Though we have no land of our own, we are working towards living as sustainably as possible with our Community Garden plots and our balcony garden. As I home educate our sons, they are learning to live sustainably and responsibly right along with us. Their education revolves around working with nature instead of working against it. Instead of sports they are learning heirloom skills not only for their own life, but to pass on generation after generation.

On our journey, we have cut the cable, gotten rid of the television and bought more books, we have no Xbox-instead we play family games, replaced many of our electric gadgets with manual versions of the same, and are now making our own compost...all in a tiny apartment. We are what you would call urban homesteaders and we love it!

We are slowly adding more vintage and antique items to our life as that is one of the best ways to go green and finding ways to live as local and free of packaging as possible.

In my spare time I love to sew, embroider, read, cook and bake compassionately, see the sunrise, watch the sun set and pretend I can see the stars from our city dwelling. I enjoy writing real hand written letters to my kindred spirits, journaling and just spending time in my gardens. I hope you will come and join me on this beautiful journey called life...or as I like to call it, Romantic Living!