Joy Rohde

Sometimes the journey that takes an unplanned detour becomes the most fulfilling adventure.

Looking back on my life experiences, I'm honestly not sure that I've been the strongest advocate for coherence, but I've sure had some adventures.

State fair hawker and sideshow shill by age 10, professional puppeteer throughout middle and high school, pulling 5 foot snapping turtles out of baited traps in cemetery ponds for my undergrad thesis, published for my biochemical research by 23, a MA in Physical Anthropology, and then beginning a sales career at 30?

Sometimes I feel it's better not to divulge my enigmatic interests to colleagues - "no, sorry I don't golf or watch sports, but I ski" (omitting that I'm a maven for vegetarian cooking, who performs community theater, loves burner culture, plays classical piano, has a fascination with evolution and ecology and loves crafts). I'm lucky to have found a polyglot husband with even more varied interests, and we have a daughter who's game to go along for the ride.

People like a nice cozy collection of boxes. You go here. You're one of these. I'm not sure I'll ever find my box, but that's OK by me.